The sludge is a biproduct from when you corrode the mineral on Eldor. The main reason for wanting to corrode this mineral is to get "easy" access to the gold veins inside of it.

There is a side effect of the sludge which is that if consumed one can perform magical feats, even if you are normaly not a spellcaster.

If consumed you pick one spell to cast. The spell must be a second level or lower. Any first level spell can be cast a second level spell if desired. When casting the spell, roll 1d6, on a 4 or up it succeds and is performed without any problems. If however you do not succed on the roll, roll 1d100 and consult the table below for it's effect. Note that if not stated otherwise the spell does still take effect.

  1. 1-4 The spell is reversed(healing damages, damage heals and so forth)
  2. 5-8 A part of your body gets covered in lizard like scales
  3. 9-12 You grow an extra finger
  4. 13-16 It starts snowing in a 100 foot sphere centered around you
  5. 18-21 You start smelling like rotten eggs.
  6. 22-25 Your mind gets twisted and you are convinced that your name is “Bob”
  7. 26-29 You sprout 1 antler
  8. 30-33 Your skin turns neon green
  9. 34-37 You age d10 years.
  10. 38-41 suddenly your arms grow a sheep like fur.
  11. 42-45 You get teleported 250 feet away in a random direction.
  12. 46-49 Your eyes glow in the dark.
  13. 50 - 53 You grow gills on your neck. Take 1 damage for each turn without water
  14. 54-57 You grow a third eye in the center of your forehead. 1 turn disadvantage as your sight readjust, after that +1 to all perception and investigation tests.
  15. 58 - 61 Your back cracks and you cannot stand up straight.
  16. 62-65 Butterflies are spawned, swarming around you. Blind for 3 turns
  17. 66-69 Everything tastes like vomit
  18. 70-73 You are frightened by the closest enemy.
  19. 74-77 Your blood turns to acid, splattered on anything deal 1d6 acid dmg, damages armour etc.
  20. 78-81 You cast Polymorph on yourself, turning into a sheep.
  21. 82-85 Instead of the intended target of the spell you are the intended target. If you were the intended target it is instead randomized.
  22. 86-88 When you try to speak soap bubbles appear instead of sound. Lasts 1 day.
  23. 89-91 You see red, literally.
  24. 92-94 You may take an additional action right way.
  25. 95-97 You grow a lizard's tail.
  26. 98-99 You are utterly convinced that all liquids are moonshine
  27. 100 - Beshaba, Goddess of Misfortune takes an interest in you. Your sprout small black antlers and is bound to her, if you do not obey her wishes she can kill you